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what is kadwa amrit

Kadwa amrit is a ayurvedic medicine to control diabetes in the most natural way. It is consist of seven herbs accumulated from all over indian subcontinent.

How long will it take to show results

There can be interpersonal variation for results to show but mostly the results are seen between 20-30 days

For how long do i need to use this medicine

Kadwa amrit has no duration for use, you can use for as long as you desire if you getting are benefits and its totally ayurvedic with zero side effect.

I am on allopathic medicine, can i still consume kadwa amrit

Yes kadwa amrit is a ayurvedic and a natural product which has no interaction with allopathy medicine

I am not diabetic, can i still consume Kadwa amrit

Yes you can consume kadwa amrit even if you are not diabetic, it works as blood purifier as well along with many holistic benefits

Is there any side effects

Kadwa amrit is a natural product with zero side effects

Do I need to follow any specific diet while using this product

Get adequate sleep, eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly, avoid alcohol and smoking

How effective is Kadwa amrit ?

Kadwa amrit has been doing what is meant to do for many years. Thousands of people have been benefited by Kadwa amrit.