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Official Partner of the ASF Foundation Student Ambassador Program

What is the ASF Foundation Student Ambassadors program?

The Student Ambassadors Program was established in 2001 to present an opportunity for high school students to further develop their skills in good citizenship and leadership. Since then, the ASF Foundation has partnered with great businesses such as AT&T, State Farm, the AL. Dept. of Public Health, and others, to push specific initiatives such as Don’t Text and Drive, Smoke-Free Alabama, and Don’t Drink and Drive and Remember to Buckle Up. Further development of skills in the following areas:

Personal Growth/Development               Team Work
Leadership                                                  Networking
Community Involvement                          Communications
Responsibility                                             Public Speaking
Confidence Building                                  Event Planning

Who's Eligible? 


Alabama high school students (9-12th grade) with a strong display of academics, work ethic, leadership, and communication skills. 

What are the Student Ambassadors responsibilities?


The year-round project for the Student Ambassadors is to spread awareness of the dangers of distracted driving and driving under the influence. They will do various projects throughout the school year to help them accomplish this, and they will also encourage their peers to sign this pledge.

     Along with promoting the current initiative, the Student Ambassadors will have the opportunity to volunteer or work with their school counselors to either sign up and attend the Ur Keys 2 Drv Summit, which focuses on the initiative, or bring back a mini version of the Ur Keys 2 Drv Summit to their school using the same concept.


Call to Action

     Ambassadors have monthly projects, a "Call to Action." Mentors of the Student Ambassador program will assign the Call to Action at the end of the previous month; for example, they will assign November's Call to Action at the end of October to give Ambassadors the entire month to complete their task. These Calls to Action can range from creating a social media post, to volunteering at your local nursing home.

Interactive Questions

     Ambassadors are to interact with the Student Ambassador social media pages. At least once a month, we will post an "Interactive Question" that will be labeled as such. Keep a lookout for those questions and make sure you leave your answer!

Scholarship Opportunities

    Not only is the Student Ambassador program a great opportunity for each Ambassador to work on their personal growth in many areas, but each active Ambassador qualifies to be considered for an ASF Foundation scholarship! These will be awarded toward the end of the school year.

    The more involved you are in the Student Ambassador program, the more likely you are to receive a scholarship! Ambassadors receive a number of points for each Call to Action they complete, each Interactive Question they answer, and for each peer they get to sign the pledge. Different tasks will have different point values, so it is important to do your best to complete as many as you can!

 Students remain ASF Foundation Student Ambassadors until they graduate high school or inform the ASF Foundation they no longer wish to participate in the program.

Student Ambassador Scholarship Winners

Madison Mowbray- $2,500  Alfred Michael “Freddie” Lester Award

Nala Caldwell - $1,000

Michael Kimble II - $500

Brayden Johnson - $500

Bre Walker - $500

Amanda Koshak - $500

Jillee Jin - $500

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