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Alabama State Games 2020 Opening Ceremony

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About The Opening Ceremony

      In 2019, the thirty-seventh annual Alabama State Games Opening Ceremony was hosted by the city of Huntsville, and Madison County on June 7, 2019. Following in true Olympic fashion, the Alabama State Games takes pride in the Opening Ceremony, which features Olympic traditions such as the Parade of Athletes, the running of the Olympic Torch, and lighting of the Olympic Flame. The Opening Ceremony showcased the rich history of the city of Huntsville and Madison county, with a special presentation honoring the history of the great state of Alabama as we celebrated our Bicentennial, as well as the 50th anniversary of the Landing on the Moon. The Opening Ceremony was televised live statewide on Alabama Public Television and included an exciting mix of hi-tech lasers and pyrotechnics and featured outstanding individuals from the state and surrounding community. Thank you for helping us celebrate Alabama's athletes, the history of the Space Program, the Bicentennial, and the future of the great State of Alabama!


Watch the full 2019 Opening Ceremony HERE!

The ASF Foundation is proud to partner with Alabama Public Television for broadcasting video of the Alabama State Games and Opening Ceremony.

Statewide Television Listings

    •    WBIQ Birmingham
    •    WEIQ Mobile
    •    WAIQ Montgomery
    •    WHIQ Huntsville
    •    WCIQ Mt. Cheaha
    •    WDIQ Dozier
    •    WFIQ Florence
    •    WGIQ Louisville/Texasville
    •    WIIQ Demopolis

Check your cable company or to verify which channel is the APT channel.

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