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Date of Competition

June 11-13, 2021


Ozark Civic Center 320 East College St Ozark, AL 36303

Format & Rules

Alabama State Games 2021 – Taekwondo Competition Rules (Board Breaking) Board breaking competition should be scored according to the following system: There will be two different scores: A) Number of tries: will be scored as:
1st try ... 8 points, 2nd try... 6 points, 3rd try ...4 points, No break ...0 points
B) Presentation: score will be given by three judges using the 6 1/2 - 9 point system. Judging criteria should be as Follows: 1) How well the competitor sets up his/her boards noting if judges had to assist with any safety or visual problems. (this is a judgement call) 2) The quality, flow, and control of techniques.
3) The creativity, protocol (Procedures), and showmanship. Board Holding Stations and Technique Rules: SAFETY FIRST 1) Competitors must use three breaking stations. 2) The maximum number of tries will be three tries per station. 3) Any double break (two different breaks at the same time or in the same jump) will be considered one technique. (i.e. Jump double sidekick or twin knife hands.) 4) All board holders must be provided by the board breaker and must be capable of holding boards safely (Judges’ discretion). 5) All stations may have up to but not exceeding two holders per board grouping, NO Reinforcing board holders arms or bodies. NO EXCEPTIONS! (i.e. locking arms, holding backs, ect...) 6) There is no limit to how many boards can be broken at one time as long as holders can hold the boards safely and sufficiently. SEE Rule #5. 7) Any blood drawn or injury accrued to board holders will result in disqualification. (Judges’ discretion is permitted) 8) If you take away a board(s), you will be deducted 2 points per board taken away. 9) Competitors must perform the breaks they enrolled for on the entry sheet; prior to the event any changes of technique must be approved by judges before competition bow-in or the competitor forfeits the event. " src="cid:CA38812C-3A71-4F16-A9E9-22F6F021FB86" alt="" apple-inline="yes" class="Apple-web-attachment" style="opacity: 1;"> " src="cid:2C49B392-C383-4FA6-8329-D2503F1EDD0A" alt="" apple-inline="yes" class="Apple-web-attachment" style="opacity: 1;"> " src="cid:20FDEAFC-6BDD-483E-9BB6-E834A97E2DE3" alt="" apple-inline="yes" class="Apple-web-attachment" style="opacity: 1;"> 10) Boards must be purchased in advance and will be available for pick-up on the day of the tournament. (3⁄4 in. thick Pine) NO DEMO boards (unless competitor is a Pre-K student) (4 & 5 yrs) Board sizes and costs by age; • 9 and under (7" x 12") – 3 boards for $5.00 • 10-12(9"x12")–3boardsfor$6.00
• 13 - Adults (11"x 12") – 3 boards for $8.00 11)
also tied, then use the highest of the "Division Points" to determine winner. In case of a tie, the competitor with the highest presentation score wins tie, if this is Divisions (Divisions will be divided age groups than belt ranks; rank and age divisions may be combined based on number of competitors – e.g., Advanced may be combined with Black, etc.): Rank Divisions Novice (White, Yellow, Orange) Intermediate (Green, Blue, Purple) Advanced (Red, Brown) Black Age Divisions Child (10 and under) Youth (11-17) Senior (18-32) Executive (33-42) Ultra (43 and up)

Age Divisions

4-5 6-7 8-9 10-11 12-13 14-17 18-24 25-35 36 & Up Ages will be split by gender

Fees & Deadlines

Early Registration Fees: $42 for 1 or 2 events $52 for 3 events DEADLINE: May 21, 2021 Standard Registration Fees: $55 for 1 or 2 events $65 for 3 events DEADLINE: JUNE 7, 2021 Board Breaking Fees (if applicable): 9U - $5 (pack of 3) 10-12 - $6 (pack of 3) 13 & Up - $8 (pack of 3) There will be NO REFUNDS of entry fees because of rain or other acts of nature, or if an athlete or team fails to participate. Sports using outdoor sites are weather dependent. Competitions will be conducted unless State Games officials determine otherwise, or if the playing fields would incur significant damage. For more information about our FAQs, click here.

Awards & Qualifying

Alabama State Games gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each division. Taekwondo is a Medal Sport for the State Games of America (SGA) event. Those who medal in the 2020-2022 Alabama State Games Taekwondo tournament qualify to compete in the 2022 SGA, held July 27 - July 31 in Ames & Des Moines, Iowa. Participants in the Alabama State Games are responsible to check event format and age groups for all SGA qualifying sports offered at the Alabama State Games.


Tournament Director Grand Master Y.S. Chung 334-277-2627 Tournament Administrator Tom Dreilinger 334-670-1884 tdreilin@troy.edu Board Breaking Michael Dreilinger 334-347-4513 mdreilinger@troy.edu Forms and Point Sparring Brittany & Adam Jolly 334-796-0126 bhjolly@yahoo.com jollytkd@yahoo.com ASF Foundation Contact Kristofer Johnson 334-440-8253 kristofer.johnson@asffoundation.org

Belt Levels

Novice White Yellow Orange Intermediate Green Blue Purple Advanced Red Brown Black 1-3 DAN 4 DAN & up